Sending Response to chatbot


I have initiated a uipath robot through chatbot with api call. The robot will perform some pdf validation task
After performing the task uipath need to send response back to the chatbot.
For that do I have to make another api call to chatbot from uipath with http request activity
or there is some other way to keep track of the chat session
Please let me know if anyone is having any solution

Yes @Manjit, You can use another HTTP Request.

Try this Api given in below link

which gives you the below values, if your process have input and out arguments then it will give those in the response.

“Key”: “824d22bf-ea40-459f-bab7-e2e4d5bed738”,
“StartTime”: “2019-01-15T15:13:28.23Z”,
“EndTime”: “2019-01-15T15:16:48.637Z”,
“State”: “Stopped”,
“Source”: “Agent”,
“SourceType”: “Agent”,
“BatchExecutionKey”: “824d22bf-ea40-459f-bab7-e2e4d5bed738”,
“Info”: “Job canceled”,
“CreationTime”: “2019-01-15T15:13:28.247Z”,
“StartingScheduleId”: null,
“ReleaseName”: “Test_API”,
“Type”: “Attended”,
“InputArguments”: “”,
“OutputArguments”: “{}”,
“HostMachineName”: “XXXXXX”,
“Id”: 38