How to loop excel in new row

Hi, how do i loop a process, each time moving to a new row? e.g. my current process is in row 21, and when I loop it, I want it to do it for row 22. HELP PLS

HI,you can use like that:

datatable.rows(22).equals(“your condition”)

activities here.

Hi @SamanthaGoh,
You may have this topic useful for some typical issues:

sorry, what do you mean?

Hi @SamanthaGoh ,

Please try to follow the below steps to loop in excel,

  1. Use ‘Excel Application Scope’ activity.
  2. Add ‘Read Range’ activity inside the scope.
  3. Create a DataTable variable and assign it to the output property of Read Range activity.
  4. Use For Each Row’ activity after the ‘Excel Application Scope’ activity.
  5. Add ‘Assign’ activity inside the for each loop and create string variables named ‘strEmpName’. Example: Assign should be like this “strEmpName = row.item(0).ToString”.
  6. You can also check any condition inside for each loop as you want using if condition.


Use following steps

  1. In ‘Excel Application Scope’ activity add ‘Read Range’ activity
  2. Assign output to DataTable in Read Range activity.
  3. Now Use ForEachRow loop to get data row wise.