Autopilot for Developers - Public Preview Announcement

Autopilot for Developers - Public Preview Announcement

As you might remember, back at Forward in October we announced UiPath Autopilot™, a new set of AI-powered experiences across the UiPath Business Automation Platform that make every user from interns to CEOs more productive.

Today, Autopilot for Developers started to be rolled out gradually, and will become available for everyone, as part of our Community release.

What is Autopilot for Studio Web?

Autopilot for Studio enhances productivity for developers of all kinds, by allowing you to move from natural language to actual code. Just describe what you want to build as closely as possible, and Studio Web will build out the skeleton workflow to allow you to get started quickly. All that remains is for you to connect to various systems and accounts and make best use of the APIs available.

What we envision for the future is a set of tools that allow you to get started fast:

  • ‘Text to workflow’ transforms descriptions easily into automation workflows, reducing complexity particularly for non-technical users.
  • ‘Text to expressions’ generates expressions using natural language descriptions allowing developers to focus on the problem at hand rather than syntax.
  • ‘Automated code generation’ directly transforms descriptions into code-based automations. This will be released as part of 23.12 Studio Desktop Community.

How do you get started with Autopilot for Studio?

Studio Web is part of the UiPath Cloud, so just log in to your Community cloud account and navigate to . From there, all you need to do is start typing your query in natural language and wait for the magic to happen.

Find out more about UiPath Autopilot

To find out more about how UiPath Autopilot helps you create automations faster, improve the UX of your automation-powered apps, and generate more resilient, tested automations, check out this recording from our Product Management team during the December Dev Dives webinar .


I tried it for creation of a workflow. After providing my prompt in textbox, Autopilot generated the workflow within 3-4 min. Awesome experience for easy flows creation.

Will this only be available on studio web or will it be released for installed studio?

Hi @Ruby_Agrawal1,

for more info, you can check out

we have discussed Autopilot In detail

Happy Automation,

This is an amazing announcement and I look forward to the feature being very helpful and time saving! I tried it but I didn’t have too much success asking it to visit a news website and get the first headline that shows up. I will have to test it out more and see how it works.

Hello ,

I still couldn’t see the generate option in studio web. I’ve already requested for pro trail. Am I missing something?

I need permission to access the SharePoint video. Can you make it public ?

Facing same issue, couldn’t see the generate option in Studio Web.

Also no access to generate from the Studio Web templates screen (in my demo Community tenant), assuming it is still being rolled out?

If you can’t see the Generate button yet, do know that we are still rolling out the feature across all Community accounts, expect it to reach all Community organizations within the first weeks after the holiday period.

I get a permission denied error trying to access the video.

Can we do it for unattended bots?if yes then how to do it.could you please share the code.


This is an auto pilot and would be used when in development…there is no unattended and attended here…this is to gemerate th code


Same for me also. I tried in mobile

@Anil_G :so how to do it in development?


If you open the advanced editor in any activity…you will get the feature at the bottom where you can type free text and it gives expression


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Just a glimpse of what Autopilot can do !