Desktop not getting locked



UiRobot is run from the command line with the /monitored option

Steps to reproduce:

Start UiRobot from the command line with the /monitored option

Current Behavior:

Required UI automation works, but unable to lock the desktop

Expected Behavior:

Desktop should be locked and UiRobot should continue to work while the user is away

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:



come on pal how’d you think robot will identify the target application while desktop is locked? :roll_eyes:


Dear UiPath Professionals,

I am in the process of showcasing how UiPath is best suited in our environment. Being a novice I’d expect experienced professionals to be helpful by sharing any workarounds to overcome the challenge or share reference documents/links to understand UiPath capabilities.

Appreciate if are able to help or re-direct where in I can run UiPath while the desktop is locked. The desktop needs to be locked for some good reasons and will be getting data from internet explorer and then using that to submit request in HostExplorer.

It is alright if this cannot be handled presently in UiPath, just need concurrence…



only background automation will work under lock screen using Studio Robot (attended)


Hi @rahulp,
You can have a look by triggering the Start Job Command from the UiPath Orchestrator.
We can run the automation in Log-Off/Unattended Mode if we do it via orchestrator.


  1. Configure your machine in Orchestrator
  2. Publish Artefact to Orchestrator.
  3. Create Environment to assign Robot(Machine).
  4. Execute the Start Command from Orchestrator.