Desktop Application

Hi Friends,

I need to automate desktop IFS Application and i am facing the issue with IFS Application. Could you please help me.


Can you please elaborate it more about the issue. So that we can check and help you.

I am sending the workflow please check and tell me.

Consolidated Shipment.xaml (52.4 KB)

I had one more query i.e., shortcut for function+f2 in uipath studio.


Can you please check the work flow and update me.

Is it like ctrl + F2
Then it can be done with SENDHOT KEY ACTIVITY

and pls share the error message you are getting as a screenshot

Cheers @venkateshcheeni09

If possible can you call me once

I am trying to run the entire work flow but it is not moving forward and there are no errors.

I am sharing the screenshot.

Is it repeating the same with other process

No Bro. Not at all i have tried multiple times.
If possible can you call me once

It is executing only for 2 seconds and If i execute entire workflow will take 2 or 3 minutes.


No worries

Go to Debug tab → enable highlight elements and also click on slow step option where click it four times

And then run in debug mode so that we can see the flow of process in studio with which we can confirm whether the process is running as expected or not

Cheers @venkateshcheeni09

Actually it was not running what i am expected and i done all the things regarding development and extracting the fields and automating the screens.
Could you please help me on this if possible to you.

If i want to populate the data in an desktop application may i know what is the short cut key i shoud use whether i should use send hot key or click. Can you tell me

It can be done with both click activity or send hot key activity with enter as key

Cheers @venkateshcheeni09

Can you tell me clearly how i should use by the help of click and send hot key activity ?

May I know what kind of field you are trying to access


just click option on populated data

Then in that case if you are able to access the elements individually then use a normal CLICK activity and indicate that button
If you are not able to access that element as a Individual element then use a CLICK IMAGE activity
Use SEND HOT KEY activity with tab key first
Use n number of send hot key activities with tab as key untill we reach that button in that application and once after reaching use a final send hot key activity with enter key
All the send hot key should be used without indicating any element

Cheers @venkateshcheeni09

Okay i understood but i need your help for once scenario. Shall we connect in zoom or google meet