Update Cell Values in GridRow in ORACLE ERP System using UIPath


Please help me how to automate the process of Updating the Cell Values in GridRow in ORACLE ERP System using UIPath.

We have to Update the cell(Status Column) values in each row based on Entered Amount column values till the all rows in Grid. Attaching the DataGrid screen shot for reference.ERP%20Automate


Hi @AshwinMuthyam

I would use the Get Text activity and Type Into activity as far as basics are concerned.

The tricky part will be knowing which row to type into and getting the entire data table extracted to have an overview of what has been done.

For the two, I would suggest you to add a subroutine to export results from this page to a file (it should be doable from the File menu). With that, you can prepare your plan of action of filling things in.

It will require some creative thinking as the first 10 records are already visible and those you can set right away, but for the 11th one you will need to add a click to scroll down. If I’m correct, the index of the rows will stay the same, so by clicking the down arrow in your window the 10th index will become the 11thelement and so on. This is where your previously exported file with all the values comes in handy, as you should always double check the value in the cell and compare it to what it should be to avoid any potential mistakes.

I hope this rant of mine is at least a little bit helpful :slight_smile:

Thank for your suggestion. I have implemented little different option and able to get the information of 10 records which are visible. However from 11th record I am unable to find the element even after putting the click on scroll bar. Also tried using down hot key. still I am unable to get the 11th record values. Not Sure why?
It would be great if you can provide more suggestions.

As far as I remember this particular type of table, you will never get the 11th element’s selector. You can only extract elements from selectors by ids from 1 to 10. However! If you press the Down Arrow once, your value for the extracted item from the 10th element selector will be replaced by the value of the 11th element. Thus, if you continuously scrap 10th element while pressing down arrow once every time, you will extract all the values.

Of course, you will want to check all is going fine and make sure to stop scraping when you reach the end, that’s a bit of additional logic altogether. Unfortunately I no longer have access to the solution from my previous company, so I cannot provide an example :frowning:
I might have used here the export to csv function though, just because it was more convenient to save the file locally and load it up to a data table rather than producing all this extra logic.

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Thank you so much implemented the same and issue resolved.

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