Designer Panel Missing - Cannot place windows in MDI since no MDI host was located at the direct child of the DockSites workspace

Hi Guys,

Need Urgent help. My designer panel is not opening in Uipath Studio. I am not able to open my xaml files because of this. When I try to open a xaml I get below error.

Please advise @Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando @loginerror

Thanks in advance.


Did you tried to open any other xaml files?

Also please give more insight like any activity or anything changed before this issue?


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Lots of files changed before the issue. But even if I create a new process and try to open main.xaml I get same error. Is there a way I can get back my designer panel. My project is working fine though.

Hi @vkshambhu

Does a clean installation as per the instructions here solve the issue?
How to fix your Studio installation / Licensing issues

Thanks for responding back. I am using enterprise edition 2020.4.1. Is there any other way to resolve this without reinstalling as I do not have access to do that at present.

Was there any update done to your computer (Windows/etc…) recently? I assume the Studio was not updated either?

I would certainly contact our technical support for direct assistance, given it is an enterprise scenario :slight_smile:
Please use this form:

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Quick update . Issue wasn’t because of windows update. Running uipath studio with admin Credentials resolved the issue. Would like to know why though. Does running as admin fix corrupted files?? @loginerror

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