Design Panel Issue

Hi All,

While opening 2 instances of Studio I see a difference in Design Panel. One shows Data Scraping while other shows Table Extraction. However, Table Extraction is working fine but not the Data Scraping.
Can someone suggest a solution please?

Piyush Tilara


In First Instance is for Modern Design
second Instance Is for Classic design

I think you enabled the Modern Design Activity
Just make it Disabled As shown in Screenshot


Hello @tilarapiyush

In the modern design you will be able to see the Table extraction which is a new enhancement of data scrapping. You can switch to both the designer from the studio and also you can enable classic activites along with modern activities.

You can watch the below video to understand the difference.

Thanx Rounak. But updating the view from Classic to Modern didn’t help. Table Extraction is still not working with Modern view. Just for clarification, original code was written with Classic view.
Although opening a new instance of Studio, Table extraction works fine.
Any idea why is this happening?


I think your code was written in Classic View, So you should go with Classic View only



we can use classic activities in model and model activities in classic…

Data Scraping sometimes will face some consequences… it’s better to use the Table Extraction since this is a advanced one…

For the data scraping part you can use Modern then other things, you can use classic…

before using the classic it’s better to use the attach browser activity to stay intact with the page, and will generate the partial selectors…


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