Deleting rows in Excel (or datatable) that don't contain a certain word

I know this is probably pretty basic but I can’t seem to figure out how to do this.
I have a datable that I’m saving as an excel file. I want to have the Robot search for the word “Studio” in all rows and to delete all the rows that don’t contain that word and then save the new file.



Hi @Jp02,

Use the filter datable activity and there is an keep and remove option in that activity. Just select the Keep option and add the column name that contains the “Studio” and then use the write range activity.

Try this


Thank you that was easy!

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Great @Jp02

I am getting the error that the “value for argument column name is not set or is invalid” any idea what might be causing that? Right now I have it set as “Employee” which is the column header (in Column E) is that not correct?

can u please share me the screenshot of the filter table and the error screenshot which you’re getting?

Screenshot of the filter table

Screenshot of the file

And the error

Try to change the outputdatatable variable name as both input and output variable having the same name.

Sorry I had tried that earlier and still the same error. I tried again and no luck

Try this with the Column B header “Name” value.
Then we can identify what is the issue behind this.

I’ve tried all headers and it gives me the same result. Thank you so much for your help with this

Try to uncheck the add headers tick in the write range activity.

Unfortunately that didn’t work either. I’m running out of ideas

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