Excel, deleting specific rows containing specific value


Do you have any tips of how do I set studio X so it deletes rows that contain certain values, for example:

This is what I have now:

And I would want it to delete rows that contain words: Bus, and Car so the expected result would be:


Hi @marcin.chowaniec

Remove_Certain _Row.xaml (9.5 KB)
I have attached a sample workflow. Hopefully, you’ll find this useful.

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Hi, I’m using studio x

Crete list variable to store the input words.
listOfString = new List(Of String) From {“Bus”,“Car”}
Using assign activity and filter the unwanted rows.
dt_input = dt_input.AsEnumerable.Where(function(x) Not

HI @marcin.chowaniec

You can use Filter Datatable activity

Read range and store then in a datatable
use Filter datatable and make the filter wizard like this

Now the filtered datatable will only have the aeroplane row you can write them on the excel file

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