Delete Row using DataTable


I want to delete specific row with a sorrounding text of “F.R” in the Doc Title column

Hey, @prititit,

Try this:

  1. Read the excel file and store the datatable in a variable.
  2. Assign
    dt = dt.AsEnumerable().Where(function(x) Not x("Doc title").ToString.Contains("F.R.")).CopyToDatatable

Happy automation!

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Hi @prititit,

Check this below link


Try below steps, hope this helps you.

  1. Read excel into datatable [ReadRange Activity]
  2. Filter data table using below conditions [Filter Datatable Activity]
    a. Select “Remove”
    b. Doc Title = “F.R”
    c. Doc Title contains “F.R”
    d. Doc Title “Starts with “F.R”
  3. Save the filtered data table into Excel.

After filtering we need to add back to data table using add data row activity.

Please try this, if this does works, mark as solution.



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