Delete excel data, less header

good I want to delete data from my excel minus the first two rows that would be “1 and 2”

any ideas

Thanks a lot

we got twooptions

–first one is using INSERT/DELETE ROWS activity

where first use READ RANGE activity and get the datatable as output with variable named dt
then in the above actiity inside the EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE mention the position as 3 and in no. of rows mention as dt.Rows.Count-1


–we can open the excel file in foreground with START PROCESS activity where pass the filepath of excel as input to FileName property
–so that it will open the file in foreground and then use SEND HOT KEY with just key as ctlr+g and no element chosen for selectors
–once after that use TYPE INTO activity and mention as "A3"
–again a send hot key with key as ctrl+shift+end
–and a final send hot key with key as delete

Cheers @borismh


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