Deleting unnecessary data in excel

Hi everyone,

i would like to ask, how can i remove the data rows in excel?

from A1:C3

I am using the remove data row activity: but not sure what to indicate in Row or Row Index?


Hey [Hey_hi,

Please use Remove DataRow and In row Index you can give 0 0r 1 or 2…so on
One time you can delete one row but if you want to delete multiple row then you can use filter Data table.

I would need to remove mutiple data rows, how can I use the filter data to remove? for A1:C3

Hi @Hey_hi

Use remove data row in a loop.which loop through the row index so that it removes the row

Or in excel activity there is add/remove rows u can try that as well

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Nived N

Use Insert/Delete Rows Activity

Store in
Array_int={1, 2,3}
Use For Each row
Keep delete data row in for each activity and pass it .

Hi @Hey_hi,

If you know the range then use Delete Range activity that is the simplest way.


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