Delete first couple rows from Excel without reading the file into datatable


I have this excel file and I want to know the best way to strip off the first couple rows. I want the file to start off at row 4. I am thinking reading the file to datatable just for deleting the first couple rows is not ideal? The file is huge.


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You can use Insert/Delete rows activity to delete rows from Excel file.

Buddy this can help you buddy @lavint

we have an option called Delete Rows in package UiPath.Excel.Activities in manage package option from design tab where we have like this where you can mention the no of rows you want to delete and staring position and the sheet name without opening the file and get from datatable

Try this and let know buddy, it worked for us

Cheers @lavint

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Did that work buddy @lavint

Thank you!!

I was hoping to delete from the back end. This works but it requires to open the file - in my case is really large file. Is there another way to delete first couple rows from the back end without opening the excel file - just curious? You said it doesn’t open the file but I saw it opened and I thought Excel Application Scope is front end and always open the file. Is it true? Thanks

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Buddy @lavint
In excel application scope there is an property called visible, uncheck that property buddy
Excel wont open in foreground and will run in background…
Kindly Try this and let know whether this works or not buddy
Cheers @lavint

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did that work buddy @lavint

Really? You hide it (or make it invisible) means it’s running at the background? ok… Thank you!

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Running in background buddy… @lavint

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