Excel Delete Range Bug

I am using Delete Range from UIpath.Excel.Activities 2.6.3
for example we use delete range with A1:E100
if some rows (for example A5:E50) are filtered it won’t be deleted and will break inserted data to A1:E100 (makes a lot of corrupted data).

did we try with insert/delete rows activity

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But delete rows is not the same that is delete range. It is not a decision, the issue is about removing data from the definite range.

why not buddy
here also we will be mentioning the range to be deleted with two properties

  • NoRows - The number of rows you wish to add or remove. This field supports only integers or Int32 variables.
  • Position - The row where the insertion or removal begins. This field supports only integers or Int32 variables.

but we need datatable and then once after deleting it we can write back to excel with write range activity
Cheers @vadim


Check this xaml, I have used Excel.Extensions package, new package from UiPath Team. Include that from Manaage package and then check with this xaml.

ExcelDeleteRange.xaml (5.1 KB)

For example, you will get different results removing rows and range. So that’s exactly i told you about.

there is no need to use such approach that requires extra efforts and resources to store data and write it back.

The simplest decision i found is in that

  1. set ShiftCells property of Delete Range to enabled.
  2. set ShiftOption to ShiftUp

It works only you dont’ store data below the range.

The most effective resolution is to Invoke VBA And to remove filters on a sheet.


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