Why browser is minimizing and then maximizing automatically?

Hello everyone !
I have set my browser Resize window as “Maximize” but when opening browser, it is minimizing first and then maximizing. I dont know why this happens?

Does anyone has the solution for it ?

It does happen sometimes that the window might minimize but if you use maximize window activity inside open browser it will always mazimize the mindow and then do the other task.
It wont really give you any problem. Keep going. Just make sure that you are passing the corrent in argument of input window.


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Hi @prabin_chand1

There could be several possible causes for your browser minimizing and maximizing automatically

• You have used the Minimize Window or Maximize Window activities in your workflow and passed the browser window as the input

• You have not set the Window property correctly for these activities

To fix this issue, you can try some of the following solutions:

• Check your workflow and remove or modify any unnecessary Minimize Window or Maximize Window activities

• Make sure you pass the correct window variable as the input for these activities

• Use an Attach Window activity to target the browser window before minimizing or maximizing it


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Hi @prabin_chand1

did you check that your activity are not opening a new window?

Its always opening in new window only.

I didn’t used any of these

Yes, it’s working fine. but that glitch is not making me satisfy

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Are you using minimize window anywhere before mazimize ?? If not… then its fine it is just mazimizing the window its normal.


Hi @prabin_chand1

Can you try to reinstall the browser extension and check it.

Kindly share the screenshot of your workflow.


Hi @prabin_chand1 ,

Maybe some of the checks to be done:

  1. Do you already have the same website tab already open ?
  2. Could you show us a screenshot of the Properties Panel of the Use Application/Browser Activity or Open Browser Activity that you are using ?

If an Use Application/Browser activity is being used, Keep the Window Attach Mode property as Single Window and check if you are able to get it to working correctly.