Decrease the delay of BOT and also continue with next queue items

Hi UiPath Team,

I have this question, can anyone please help me.

How to decrease the delay time whenever the bot stops due to technical exceptions but there are more items in the queue. Currently, the bot waits 30 mins to wake up again. Can we decrease this to 10 mins? What is needed?

How to change the waiting time.
Please help.


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Hi @Seema_S

I am assuming you are using the queue trigger and want to continue to the next item whenever there is an error due to which the process stops.
You can tweak the Queue.ProcessActivationSchedule parameter in the Orchecestrator config file to change the default wait time for Queue triggers. You can read more about it in Queue Triggers .

Please note this is a change on the orchestrator level and will impact all the processes across all the tenants. If you want a solution only for your process then please increase the value of “Maximum number of pending and running jobs allowed simultaneously” in the queue trigger. So that one job will always be in the pending state if you have multiple queueItems in the queue.

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Have check from where this delay is caused, as you mentioned a waiting time of 30 sec. similar to the default timeout. E.g. if a selector is not found and no other timeout is set, then it can come to 30sec for trying to find the selector. Maybe you want to fine tune timeouts.

In case of activities without set timeout settings are to find you can refer to our Worflow Analyzer Rule for this. Have a look here:

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Its not 30sec its 30min. Right now i dont have access to the PROD server Orchestrator
Yes i looked in to the Workflow analyzer - it much much useful thank you…

But here the problem is with the Orchestrator.
As per your suggestion

Yes it has to be changed. But once i get the access i will be able to do it.

Thank you both of you.
I am still working on this issue.



I am doing “Queue based Triggers”
i have a question to you, why its always set to 30min?