If Statement Two directional in Flow Chart

Hey guys I have an If/ Else statement, if the statement is true I want the bot to put data into SQL and then go to the next iteration in the loop, if the statement is false I want the bot to continue in the current loop. I can’t seem to get two different arrow lines leading out of the if statement in the Flow Chart view. How is this done? Thanks.

Hi @css!

I would use a flow decision activity instead of an if/else activity (if you are using a flowchart). When you hover over the icon you should see a small button on the right side with the word false. Hopefully this does the trick :slight_smile:


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What if I have to do this a lot throughout a Bot?

So lets say there’s 8 separate points where if a dialogue on the screen comes up I need the bot to just continue on from the step it is back to the beginning of the loop on to the next iteration? Is using the flow decision the best way to do this?

If you had to choose between a series of if statements vs flow decisions I would definitely go with the flow decision option. As a best practice its usually better to avoid using if statements because if they turn into nested if statements (they always do for me)- its going to be hard for someone else to read your workflows. You could also consider state machines but those aren’t as straightforward as flowcharting it.

Hey @css

Not sure still got your point or not but based on my understanding… you can have a look in below old existing thread.