Question on using conditionals/booleans

am a rookie going thru’ the examples in the documentation at the following link:


in the given example, do we really need a second flow-decision ? or can we simply use two msg boxes for each of the assign activities?

Thanks for your help

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Hi @Hara_Gopal

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well they are actually trying to assign as true if we enter Male or as false if we enter as Female
so we need in that case
But still we can neglect them if we want @Hara_Gopal
like as you said mention the message box directly


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so do we have any other queries to be discussed
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Hey @Hara_Gopal,

Since the article emphasizes on boolean values true and false, they have used additional flow decision to illustrate how boolean values can be dealt with.

surely you could omit the use additional flow decision activity.

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No palaniyappan,

Thanks for your help. Am exploring at the moment …

Cheers !

Keep going
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