Dear friends

I have excel file

column A column B

test 1 Manager
test2 ass manger

like above

i need to search column A relevant name



destination (COLUMN B) in web page


when cloumn A not found

ui process stop

i want to way when name not found

go to next record search without stopping ui process

my dear friends please kindly help any one who have gold heart

this is my last project i failed my job lost

Hi @Amila_Darshana

To search for a specific name in excel under columnA u can use lookup datatable activitiy
Which lookup the name values in datatable and if the value is found corresponding value

Can u provide more information about the webpage it’s screenshot so that we can help you


Nived N :robot:

Happy Automation :relaxed:

thanks to reply please check this image

when name found need to update disganation

Please explain your senario or share excel file screen shot


Need search name ,double click relevant record update desgnation

Main_try.xaml (39.1 KB)

please check my try cach correct

Use read range to convert excel into datatable then“columnA=value”)(0).item(“columnB”).tostring
Its return match value

kindly send me ui path file its grade help to me friend