How to search text(variable) in excel and write the status in another column

Hi All,

I have one table have few columns as Number(A), Name, Location, Status, like below
also, I can find the another number(B) from Web( it’s a variable),
What I want to do is check whether number B can match with number A in the table, if yes, mark the related line in column Status with completed , like when number(B)=18001, the status marked as completed,

Can anyone help how to do this in UiPath?

Number(A) Name Location Status
17999 Joe US
18000 Nancy KR
18001 Leo JP completed
18002 Amanda JP
18003 Lee JP
18004 Kevin JP

Use read range activity to read from excel and it will give the whole excel data into DataTable.
Now for every Number(B), you can do two things.
1.> Either loop thorugh the data table and check if the Number(B) matches with data table row’s column 0 which is Number(A).
2.> You can use UiPath standard activity “Filter data table” to apply the filter with Number(B) variable.

From either of the above method, if you find that Number(B) is present, just update the data table variables row’s column 3 with “Completed”. Column 3 is is the status column I guess.

Once finished, just use write range activity to write back the data table into excel. Save the excel.

Thanks,one more questions,after filter data table with number(B),which activity I can use to update the related column 3 with status completed,I’m a little confused about how to get the column 3 updated for corresponding rows,thanks in advance for any advises!

Here is small example how you write in column Status " Completed ".

For getting corresponding column you need : rowIndex = DataTable.Rows.IndexOf(row)

Files are attach belowMain.xaml (9.7 KB)
TestData.xlsx (8.7 KB)

Thanks a lot !! it works now