How to read particular column item depending on the searched value using UIpath

Hi, i need to automate a tool where bot can read string and then search the read item in the imported excel and if the value exist then read the details of a particular column of the searched item from excel.


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Check as below

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Hi Srinu,

Thanks for the response, it did solve half part of my requirement but the difficult part for me is once the string is avalable in excel then i need to read corresponding column for further details about that searched element, how can i achieve that.


Can anyone please let me know.

@ksrinu070184 Can you please help with above query.

Hi @ranshikasrivastava99

U can try like this

  1. To check whether the string is available in excel or not u can use lookup datatable activitiy

Lookup datatable activitiy helps to check whether the value is in particular column and if it is there, then it will return the rowindex of that particular row by which u can access the column.values of that particular row

Let’s say if u got rowindex as 1 from the lookup datatable activitiy then u can access any column value like value of second column as


If the value is not present in excel then lookup datatable activitiy will return -1 as output.
which means no data is present in excel

Hope the logic helps you

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