DD v. DT tags

Hi guys! I’m practising using Anchor Base. I couldn’t get my bot to scrape the desired data until I changed the tag from DT to DD in the selector property within my “Get Text” activity. :thinking:

Tried googling the definitions of each, but still unclear in my mind. Can someone help explain?

maybe this helps for entry:


from the semantics a dl starts a desciption list
within a dd or dt can be an entry as a DataDescription or a DataTerm


Thanks @ppr.

Those are indeed the definitions I came across. Just curious to better understand why my selector worked with DD rather than DT when targeting a phone number…

maybe you can share some urls, screenshots or visuals to the structure. So we can have a more detail insights

The tag attribute you will need, depends on the web application you are automating, in your case, if you want to get both DT and DD tags inside a DL, then you could use like find Children point to the DL tag.

I wasn’t actually trying to do this; I was trying to figure out why my bot workedd with DD, but not DT if my target element is a phone number.

That we couldnt tell without looking at the system itself… i mean if it is a DD tag, it cant work using DT as selector and the other way around as well…