How to create Dynamic web ctrl tags? I had used the Anchor Base activity in which i placed a Find Element Activity and Type INTO activity .. Now the problem is in TypeINTO Selector tags . i want them dynamic. can anyone help me on this?


Hi @hsharsh92

Why its not working? Are you getting any error

Actually it will work

See in my webpage the tags used are Input , Select & TEXTAREA … So if i used the webctrl tag Input it will not find the other tags that’s why i need a dynamic tags…

Use this


Bro in Anchor base selector there is no id the problem is in the tags…

Dude send me your application which your working(where to select and where you want to do dynamic)

When you place in Anchor base then you cannot configure the selector

You have to keep separately typeinto activity, so that you can have access to selectors which will allow to make it dynamic


yes you are right but then what the use of anchor base… if i need to type into the relative box of element we need to put them both inside the anchor base…

i just want to make the tags dynamic nothing else