Anchor base without specifying the tag


I am trying to create a robot which modifies any field without knowing the type of field it is (select/type into). I do that with Try&Catch and Anchor base activity, I just tell the aaname (for example the “First Name”) in the Find element of the Anchor activity. For example here, I would tell it “Country/Region” :
And in the first try, try to select an item, so the selector looks like this

webctrl tag=‘SELECT’ />

and in the second try, try to type into, so the selector looks like this :

webctrl tag=‘INPUT’ type=‘text’ />

But unfortunately, the robot makes mistakes and doesn’t type into/select in the right place. I tried to add some infos like parentid but it doesn’t help.

Do you may have any ideas which could help me?

Thanks a lot!

maybe the integrated anchor approach along with regex selector can help you:

find element selector:

<other selectors>
<webctrl tag='X' innertext='{{strLabelText}}' />
<webctrl tag='input|select' matching:tag='regex' />

in a following switch activity the found element can processed depending on myFoundUiElement.Get(“tag”).toString