Document Understanding limits for enterprise

Good day!

Please tell me what limits for Document Understanding?
Is it a standalone product for a fee or is it part of the Enterprise package?
Previously, I found these limits on the official website, but after a change of design I can not find.

I could not send a message from the browser to sale department (the contact form is filled out but the message is not sent) so I hope in our forum.

PS I wrote a message to the sales department, but did not receive a response.

Hello there,

Limits for community are as follows:

  • ML Extractor: max 2 pages in a doc, max 50 requests per hour
  • Form Extractor: dame as ML Extractor
  • Intelligent Form Extractor: max 1 page in a doc, max 5 handwritten fields on that page, max 50 requests per hour.

Thank. uipath hid the limit information that was on the website. The local representative told me that they calculate the page limit individually for the project … This is not convenient, but here is the answer to this question.

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