Limit for invoice data extraction in different version of UiPath Studio

Hello Everyone,
I want to extract few thousands of invoice data.
With community version of Studio the limit is set to 50 document per hour. Does any one have any idea what is the limit for pro or enterprise version of Studio?
Can someone help me with this?

Hi @tarangmehta1195 ,

I believe it is as per the license / AI units consumption present or acquired as per the information in the docs below :

However, a Large number of pages to be processed may receive timeout error at some point which could then be handled by Retry Scopes or Try Catch activities.

@supermanPunch Thank you for the reply. This is what i wanted to know. Now my question is I have 60 days trail period. Can you explain me in simple terms what is AI units and how does it work?

@tarangmehta1195 ,

For the 60 Days Trial Period, I believe we receive 10 K Units where it is distributed evenly as 5K for 30 days.

The AI Units Consumption deals with the Extraction data/Number of pages to be extracted, Number of ML Skills deployed and the Pipeline Creations if any.

For more details on the AI Units Usage for Each Extractor or Classifier is provided in the docs below :

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