DatePicker - Kendo UI for Angular

I need to select a date in a Kendo angular datepicker, example of one in the link. It needs to run in the background. I’ve tried: set to clipboard: it doesn’t run in the background, see my other topic: it gives the following error when run in the background: Set to Clipboard: One or more errors occurred (see screenshot below). Simulate type sets the date in the input only, but does not select the date, when continueing the date simply disapears again. Send window message sends an incorrect date.

I have the latest versions of system packages and automation packages: 20.10.00 / 20.10 preview

I noticed that when the copy to clipboard funtion actually works, the send hotkey doesn’t work with send window messages. Sending hotkey without send window messages works but it doesn’t work if send window messages, checked.