Datepicker issue




How do we automate selection of a date in a datepicker dropdown in a webpage using input from a csv.

How to select a date using date time picker control?

U can do that in 2 ways …
one using Click and other is by Pasting Date directly into select text box…

U need to take that Excel Date into Variable by using Datatable Column Index…

and Assign that Date to Click Activity Selector

How to readd "code" in UIExplorer

And if its a different month(same year), I think you can do the month diff for eg: if the Month is Jan 2017, you will do 4-1 (3), 3 clicks backward and continue with the above code.

If its a difference year, you have to a bit more complex math or may be there is a better solution.

This does not apply if month and year or drop downs.Will apply to below.