Date range selection issue

I have created one flow it will downloade the reports daily. The problem is date selection. This is my date my date picker(attached screen shot) Currently September month only selected, but when i try to ddownloade this months(30-09-2020) the date will choose 30-08-2020.
How to solve this image


Can you check, Image are not displaying


Hi @Srini84
Thanks. Which image not displaying


Now the image of date picker is displaying, can you take a entire field of date picker and show to us, is there any text field associated to that date picker?



HI @Srini84


You can use Set Text activity

before that the date should be converted as the format shows, for that


Check for tutorial on above

Once it done you can use Set Text activity instead of manually picking the date

Hope this helps you


Hi there,
I also have an issue with date selection.
I tried to select the date picker but the Uipath doesn´t work.