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Good day Friends - I needed help picking the current month from this website or current quarter so I export that particular data.


can you try this
Output gives like Jun

Thanks @Shiva_Nikhil - Ive tried that but it has failed to Click that Month.

I needed to Click that particular month.

you need to click on quarter or name of the month

I needed to click on the name of the month - I assigned a month variable - did a CTRL +F on the page and then typed the variable and tried enter after the month was highlighted.But it still failed.

can you please share any of the month selected selector image so that it will help me

Cna you first try and spy any month and check its attributes if month names comes up in any, then you can go ahead n make it parametrized to click dynamically

The ‘Idx’ is the month selector.

Can post a screenshot of the Selected / Unselected items panel from UiExplorer, so we could see what else is available?

you should not use idx css selector,try to use aaname attribute and try it once
if not share the image of the selected 2 items

@efelantti @Shiva_Nikhil

see idx was not a month selector remove idx and css and click on highlight check on which it is highlighted
copy the selector of this and paste it a notepad
and click for another month and copy the selector and paste it below the previous in notepad and share it so that we can resolve it…

Fix.txt (262 Bytes)
Hi @Shiva_Nikhil Turns out the IDX for Feb = 2 and the IDX for May = 5.

Is this something we can use to select based on month.

as your name of the month gives idx
you need to pass the variable in the value of idx
pass the below into a varaible and replace it idx=newvar
newvar=CDate(Now.ToString).Month gives output like 6 because the current month is june

@Shiva_Nikhil Worked like a charm.Thank you.

thanks and regard
please mark it as a solution so that it will aslo help others if they want

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