Month name not selecting from the drop down menu box

Hi I want to select the month name from the drop down, But below is the runtime exception I am getting.
This is my selectors :

“”"<webctrl idx=‘1’ parentid="+ months+"’ tag=‘SPAN’ />"

After capture full box below is the error I am getting.

Hi @balkishan

Check out this post. And use the selector i have provided there to select the month

Assignment 2 uipath month selector wrong

Let know if it works for you


You missed single quote there in the selector. It should be like this:

“”"<webctrl idx=‘1’ parentid=’"+ months+"’ tag=‘SPAN’ />"

@lakshman I have posted this but in post not showing complete

@Lahiru.Fernando Not working bro I have used your selectors below is the error

Selector :


Please find the attached workflow.

System1_CreateYearlyReport (1).xaml (30.2 KB)

@lakshman Bro It was working fine till inserting the data into monthly report download but now what happened with it when I run the process it’s logged in and log out the process.


Run the process in debug mode and tell me the error

@lakshman It is not showing any error bro, It’s logged into the site and wait some seconds and then logout.