Assignment 2:Selector Issue in selecting Months

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I am stuck with this Assignment 2 for days. I am not able to select the months by following the methods given in the walkthrough. I gave the exact selector elements and still no success.

I used an Assign activity which contains a array of string containing months and then a a click activity. Please provide me with some valuable tips. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Attaching the error screenshot below;


have you tried using uiexplorer and select the selector using it… I guess @ddpadil can help you :slight_smile:

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Tried that too.but no success. I hope someone can help me soon.

@Henry Which assignment this is

Academy 2 assignment2… Generate yearly report ! Have you completed it? If yes, can you please help with that!

The selector seems to be incorrect.It should be

> "<html title='ACME System 1 - Reports - Download Monthly Report' /><webctrl aaname='"+month+"' parentid='searchForm' tag='SPAN' />"

this month variable should have a single value example January.
To do that use for each activity for your months array.



While updating the selector and running the process,uipath is unable to find the element @priyanka.yadav18,Nextpageexists value is false everytime. @aksh1yadav

hey @sreekanth

Replace the "&quot;" with " in selectors property.

Also you can’t put in in the Selector Editor window (don’t click the ellipses). Put the double quotes around your variable reference in the Property window.

ok @mwsupra.Thankyou

Thanks @aksh1yadav

First the value of month is January,But it is selecting november from the dropdown.In the same way it is selecting June for July.What should I do? @aksh1yadav @priyanka.yadav18

Solved this issue by passing the index of months

Hey @sreekanth

Sorry Guys for Delayed Response :slight_smile:
i was not active from Months so :slight_smile: still don’t know :slight_smile:


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I am using Find Children Select and Get Attribute activity. It is working fine. The Type into is not working for Month but it is working for Year. Not sure where I am going wrong. Can someone help?


PrameelajDownloadReport.xaml (26.8 KB)

Hi @prameelaj,

Any luck?

No. Still looking into it. On debugging, I could see it is taking the right value. But it is not writing into the select box instead it says Nothing selected.



hello guys,

if you are still facing issue in getting months and year dropdown selector…so use simulate click option in activity properties and it will easily identify the dropdown.


I am having such an annoying issue with this project. My loop works fine and goes to the next month with ease. However it will not change months after sucessfully downloading and saving a file.

Ex. it starts at january, if the jan file does not exist it will switch to feb and preform the process, however if february exists the file will download and save properly but then the bot freezes and march will never be pressed.

Some one please help.

I am having this exact same issue. I added a Write Line activity to write the value of month at the top of the For Each loop.

Dynamic selector works fine for January, no report found, moves on to February, works fine and downloads the report, goes back to the top of the For Each loop, writes “March” from the Write Line activity, then never continues. I never get an error either, it simply hangs up forever.

I have verified it’s not an issue with the month itself - if I remove January and February from the months array entirely, the form will click select March, click the download button, see there’s no report, select April, fully download the report, return to the top of the array, write May to the log, then hang forever.

If I use a fake Tax ID so that the report always gives the “no report found” message, it will loop through the entire array without hanging at all, correctly selecting each month along the way.

Edit - I’ve solved the problem. The selector is actually fine, the issue is the WaitForReady property of the Click activity. You must set WaitForReady to “NONE” for your Click acitivities on the Month selector and the Download Report button. If this is not set, the selectors will hang for up to ten minutes on each click. This is likely a defect in either UiPath or with the website design that hasn’t been updated to reflect recent changes in IE.

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