Assignment 2:Selector Issue in selecting Months



Hello guys, Happy new year in advance!

I am stuck with this Assignment 2 for days. I am not able to select the months by following the methods given in the walkthrough. I gave the exact selector elements and still no success.

I used an Assign activity which contains a array of string containing months and then a a click activity. Please provide me with some valuable tips. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Attaching the error screenshot below;



have you tried using uiexplorer and select the selector using it… I guess @ddpadil can help you :slight_smile:


Tried that too.but no success. I hope someone can help me soon.


@Henry Which assignment this is


Academy 2 assignment2… Generate yearly report ! Have you completed it? If yes, can you please help with that!


The selector seems to be incorrect.It should be

> "<html title='ACME System 1 - Reports - Download Monthly Report' /><webctrl aaname='"+month+"' parentid='searchForm' tag='SPAN' />"

this month variable should have a single value example January.
To do that use for each activity for your months array.



While updating the selector and running the process,uipath is unable to find the element @priyanka.yadav18,Nextpageexists value is false everytime. @aksh1yadav


hey @sreekanth

Replace the "&quot;" with " in selectors property.


Also you can’t put in in the Selector Editor window (don’t click the ellipses). Put the double quotes around your variable reference in the Property window.


ok @mwsupra.Thankyou


Thanks @aksh1yadav


First the value of month is January,But it is selecting november from the dropdown.In the same way it is selecting June for July.What should I do? @aksh1yadav @priyanka.yadav18


Solved this issue by passing the index of months


Hey @sreekanth

Sorry Guys for Delayed Response :slight_smile:
i was not active from Months so :slight_smile: still don’t know :slight_smile: