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i have created a dynamic selected to pass in the No. of day. but how to solve the issue as i need to select 29.01.2021 instead of 29.12.2020 that at first row?

secondly, if my date is Feb 2021, do i need to do a loop to compare the Jannuary 2021 again my passed in month ?

please advise.


The logic behind the data picker is

  1. The date u got as input , split the date into day, month , year format as per required by the date picker.

d - 1,2,3 like that

Month - January, February , March

Year- 2020,2021 etc.

Now use while loop with condition as True

Inside the while loop do the following:

use get text activitiy to extract the month+ year data ( in the fig January 2021)
and store in a string varaible let’s say month_year

Now use a if condition to check whether the month_year equal to given month+ year

If it is equals then use click activitiy to select the date ( make the selector dynamic )

Then use break activitiy to break the loop.

If the condition doesn’ met then click on forwards arrow to move forward and select the date accordingly.

Hope the logic helps you


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the solution give can solve my second solution. how to avoid the selector pick up 29 at the first row?