Date is getting uploaded to the queue, with time as well


I have the one of the excel columns in date format as “02/01/20201”, but when I am loading the entire excel data into the orchestrator queue, the data being uploaded as “02/01/2021 00:00:00”. I tried to changing column type to different formats in excel, but nothing worked so far.

Hi @Krithi1

if you cannot change the column format, you can only take the data from excel. Then you can get the substring from each row. So you can get only the first 10 characters and so you have only the date without time.
YourString is the row content. If you do that in For Each Row activity: row(“ColumnName”).ToString.Substring(0,10)


For changing the format of the column into numbers, you can watch this video. You only have to change the format in the code from numbers to date. Search for date format in Google.
Video Link: UiPath | Format Numbers In Excel Column with VB.NET | How to set Number formet to Excel Column - YouTube

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Hi @Krithi1,

Have you tried setting formats to General or Date type with just date format as well?



I do not want to take that approach, it’s not reliable I believe

Any other thoughts?

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@sonaliaggarwal47 , yes I tried changing the format, no luck on that yet

Hey @Krithi1

Could you please try keeping the excel column type as text and then enter the date in excel. Try uploading after that please.

I hope you are trying to use bulk add q items


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That worked, thanks.

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