Datatable - set row after row to clipboard in for each loop

Hey everyone,

I am struggling with setting something to clipboard. I have a datatable which I filtered to only one column, which contains several rows with different numbers. I now want to set these - one number after another - on clipboard to copy it in a SAP transaction.

Right now, it is setting me the whole column to clipboard. But what i want is:
Get first row - insert SAP - do process
Get second row insert SAP - do process … and so on

Currently my process looks like this:

I filtered the DT.

Screenshot 2023-02-01 085116

Right now I have this, but it inserts all numbers from the datatable. I want one after another. So “take first row - do process” and next time take second row. This is my Assign Activity for the variable of the number, which I want to set to clipboard in the next step:

Screenshot 2023-02-01 085145

Screenshot 2023-02-01 085205

Thanks in advance!

Hi @laura.groeger

If you want to use it seperately means you loop through the filtered dt

Where in the first iteration the value will be 24679 and do the other processes that need to be done inside the for each row activity

and next iteration it will be 45673 and it will do the same steps with the updated data


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Hey Sudharsan,

perfect - that’s excatly what i want to do!

It works perfectly!

Thanks a lot for your fast help.

Have a great day

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