Copying entire Column from Datatable

Hi Folks,

I need to copy the entire column from datatable and need to copy the sam in the SAP, Could anyone please let me know the solution?

@badita Please let me know the solution for this

Hi Pavan,

As per my knowledge, I don’t think so we have option to copy the entire column and paste the same into SAP.

  1. You can iterate through & use Type Into activity
  2. You can use Clipboard activity

Do you need something like this?

Hi manoj,

           Right now i did iteration and copied, but i want to know do we have any option of copying the entire column. BTW Thanks for ur reply

Hi Vaidya,

          Thanks for ur reply but the thing is i need to copy into table in SAP. So I Think this doesnt works in my scenario.

Ok. You can try this as a last resort if you don’t find other solution. Hope it helps.

string.Join(Environment.NewLine,dt.AsEnumerable().[Select](Function(s) s.Field(Of String)(**COLNAME**)).ToArray())

Ctrl+V or any other method you can do in SAP.


Hi Vaidya,

can you send me the xaml file. As I tried it but I am getting compilation errors.

@vvaidya thak you for the solution its working

hI @vvaidya

It seems I have the same question. Can you sent me the xaml file too or post it on the website?thx!

I think this should have the logic you asked for.


Thank you!:grin:

@vvaidya thank you!:grin: