DataTable.Select(..) exits Workflow

When my workflow hits activity where I assign variable :

selectedRows = mailsDT.Select(“BCC = ‘Mails1’”)

it just exits (main Flowchart gets yellow and then it is over, like I’ve set break activity)

No Exception is thrown, and would not go to next Activity.

Maybe I could look in some log for error?
(usally message box with error shows up, but nothing here)

Have you tried, Initilizing the DataTable Before filling it the Data?

Before the output is given, could you use an Assign Activity and then make it New?

yourDataTable = new DataTable
Fill it with Data
Then use Select?

Also, Re-Init SelectedRows if and try again, Press ctrl + L and Share a log at that point if possible.

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Run the Workflow in Debug mode. And then Read the Output to check if any activity is Faulted.