System: error at filtring data

Hi Guys,

Ones again i need your helps. Im stack on redirecting datatable data in proces… it look like that

If anyone can tell me what is wrong with the process looking on output information…

Many thanks for help

Hi @fudi5,

dt_WIs table is may be null.

dt_WIs.Select("ColumnName='value'").length>0 check this condition before you are assigning value.



Im confused… i should use for it “if” activity or just put “dt_Wls.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”).Length>0” to assign activity. Coz when i put it in field value in assign activity its error:

Check in if condition

True-> assign the value

Unfortunately i got the same error. I make in your way:error

But still the same error:

System error at initialization: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Source: Anonymously Hosted DynamicMethods Assembly

I think the datatable is empty


So i would like to please you about help and look what im doing wrong in this step…

  1. Data scraping seems work fine…
  2. I got only one argument which is put to section "output"in field datatables

So the data form scraping should be transfer in this out argument right ?

Out of this i making got invoke activity and importing argument…

Out argument out_dt_Wls is assign to variables which you have been seen in step assignation… called dt_Wls

Hi @fudi5,

Ok do one this before changing the lenth use one more if condition.


dt_WIs.Select("ColumnName='value'").length>0 check this condition.

If this one also true assign the value.


still the same problem :(((

did you meant this way ?


You don’t want to run two times the Select method. If there are no rows to match filtering condition, an empty array of rows will be assigned to WIList. So you don’t need the second If.

Then you check in the GetTransactionData workflow if you have rows to process or not.

Can you post the entire workflow to see where the problem is?

Its alright for now. Thanks for interest.


Please can you post the solution here, as i am facing the same issue.