Can't use the DataTable.Select method (RPA Developer L3 - ACME System1)

Dear colleagues,

I am at the page 10 (11 of PDF file) and I am trying to use the DataTable.Select method on the Data Table variable WorkItemsDT (imported through the output argument out_WorkItemsDT in workflow ExtractALL_WIs.xaml")

I use this Assign activity:

… and I get this error:

Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong?
I am at your disposal for any question.

Thank you, have a great weekend and stay safe!
Cezar2.Calculate_Client_Security_Hash_Walkthrough_Short_v1.0.pdf (784.6 KB)

@Cardon_Cezar You need to change the data type of WI5List to Array of DataRow


Thank you !!!

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