DataTable Select method error

Hello everybody,

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I have two DataTable variables. The first one has all values, the second one just needs to get the filtered values.

DataTable2 = DataTable1.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ and Status=‘Open’”).

The error message tells me that I try to write into a Data.Row variable.

What exactly am I doing wrong? I am not using a Data.Row variable

try that:
YourDataTable.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ And Status=‘Open’”)
if not work, please hover the blue alert and show us which is the error you are getting amigo

Still the same error message.


i think you have to change your type of variable you are assigning to System.Data.DataTable, apparently your variable is System.Data.dataRow as the alert said

This is the problem, both variables (see the picture in post 1) are System.Data.DataTable.

can u share your workflow please?

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Enclosed the files.

get the error, chance the type of var varWorkItemList to an array of System.Data.DataRow




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