Trying to add data to a datatable with a Form, row is added but is empty

Build Data Table with test row:

Show Form with datatable as InOut:

Data Grid on form with fields added:

Data Grid properties:

Text Field properties (one example):

When run, the form displays and has the test row in it:

I click Add Another and fill it out:

I click submit and the row is added to DT_Properties but the columns have no data:

I tried it with the Edit Grid instead of Data Grid and the row isn’t even created.

This should be simple. Ugh.

Hi @postwick ,

It does seem there is kind of a Bug here, but maybe I got it wrong. I Did try some testing on the Forms Data Grid, it seemed like the Added Row only gets registered when there is a click on Add Another button after the Entry else it doesn’t get added to the Datatable.

Datatable Initially :

Modified Values in Form (Removed all Except First Row, Added 3 Rows But Last one will not get registered/Updated) :

After Clicking on Submit, and Checking the Debug will see that the Last row is not updated (For now, after the Last Row Entry we would need to click on Add Another and then Click on Submit) :