DataTable - Filter the records from a datatable row where Date is newer than ''01/02/2018'

Filter the records where Date is newer than ‘01/02/2018’. I am using assign but i am not getting the correct results. I should be like [If row(“Date”) > ‘01/02/2018’]

@zeshanm9,“Date > ‘01/02/2018’”). CopyToDataTable.

Use correct date format based on input data.

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Yes i am using this but its not working


Could you please show me your input data and your select query. will check and let you know.


select query is wrong here. It should be like this:“Date > ‘01/02/2018’”)

When you filter DataTable with datetime values, the filter expression should be like
“ColumnName > #”+DateTime.Tostring+”#”

Single quote is for string values, and comparison of string values disallows usages of < and > operants.

@lakshman @Kaoru_Hayashi its still not working can you please write it correctly for me.
If am using for each row
My datatable name is : ExtractDataTable
Row name is : Date
And i need row(“Date”) should be newer than 2018-02-01

@zeshanm9,“Date > ‘2018-02-01’”)

It will give you output as array of datarow. If you want output in dataTable then use copytoDataTable

Apply your values for ColumnName and DateTime:

DT= ExtractedDataTable.Select(“Date > #2018-2-1#”).CopyToDataTable
(Confirmed as functional in my environment)

Still not working

Can you provide with the error you’re getting


Could you please share this workflow where you are scraping and applying query.

Hi @zeshanm9

Refer the below workflow and make the changes to your assign statements accordingly.

Main (24).xaml (11.3 KB)

(From x in DatatableVariable.AsEnumerable()
where cdate(x(“Date”))>cdate(“01/02/2018”)
Select x).copytodatatable