Filter date using Filter Wizard


I need to filter the date where Date is older than ‘1st of December 2017’.

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Hello ,

Try using this!

Cdate(date_var) > Cdate(“1- Dec-2017”)

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Hi @rmfeliciano

If you have a one or two conditions it’s always simpler to use an assign activity :

FiltredDT = OldDT.Select("Column2 <= '1/1/2017'").CopyToDataTable()

note if you don’t use .CopyToDataTable() you will end up with an Array of Datarows.


Should I put it in an assign or directly to the filter wizard?

Assign gives me an error “message”: “Assign : The source contains no DataRows.”,

Hi @rmfeliciano

Well I think you want your filtred dataTable to be transformed into an array of datarows, so the solution to this will be

dt_workItems = DT1.Select("Column2 &lt;= '1/1/2017'")