Extract data table: Current date -10days

How to write a statement for extracting values in a datatable where it meets current date-10days in one column

Assign: ExtractDataTable. Select("[Supp Status]= ‘LIVE’ AND [Send Date]=‘DateTime.Now.AddDay(-10).Tostring(mm/dd/yyyy)’").CopyToDataTable

It is Not working and returning no rows

@sonesh.bansal you can give like this buddy Extractdatatable.select("date<‘date to till you want to filter’ ").copytodatatable

Hi @venkatmalla6

I don’t want to give hard coded values by specifying particular date. It should filter all the values with a condition of “Current date-10days”.

Hi @sonesh.bans

Use now.tostring.Adddays(-10).to string

Use this in condition


@sonesh.bansal ok fine,even i don’t have idea on that let’s see if any our forum members will find it. i think @lakshman @Palaniyappan can clear our query.

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No not working:

I want to filter datatable with multiple rows with following conditions in two columns where

  1. Coloumn named: Supp Status should be “LIVE”
    It is working as it is a string
  2. Column named “Send Date” should filter all the dates which are current date-10 days. It is a date column and I think we should covert this column to date first.

Kindly try with this buddy
ExtractDataTable. Select("[Supp Status]= ‘LIVE’ AND [Send Date]=#" + DateTime.Now.AddDay(-10).Tostring() + "# ").CopyToDataTable()


Try these steps:

In Assign, String date = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-10).ToString(“MM/dd/yyyy”)

ExtractDataTable.Select("[Supp Status]= ‘LIVE’ AND [Send Date]=’"+date+"’").CopyToDataTable

For your reference, please find the sample example.

Main.xaml (7.5 KB)


Check this file:

Main.xaml (21.5 KB)

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What error are you getting ?

Have you checked my workflow or not ?


Yeah I have checked, you have build data table and assigned “Name” and given a desired value by declaring a variable.
My date column name from the scraped data is “Send Date” which is not a valid variable name.

Error from my workflow above: No rows in source data
I have the rows count of 90 when in ExtractDataTable.

FinItems is working for all columns except Send Date for which I am not able to filter


If possible, Could you please show me sample input data you are processing.


Sorry I cant share whole date, its confidential.

But For example:

Send Date


Column also contains null values


Please check below example for your reference.

Main.xaml (7.6 KB)


Please modify your data table in your example and try with the following three columns:

Supp Status Send Date Status

LIVE 05/31/2019 Ready
LIVE 06/07/2019 Ready
LIVE 06/12/2019 Ready
LIVE 06/12/2019 Ready
LIVE Ready
LIVE 06/18/2019 Ready
SENT 06/18/2019 Ready

Could you please try with the above data table without changing the column names and output should be Supp Status= LIVE and Send Date= current date-10days


Please check below file and just changed the dates from above input data to print output result.

Main.xaml (8.1 KB)


Please run your workflow, it says no source data rows. That is my exact problem, now you can understand


It’s working fine. Today 26th June 2019 right.

If the input data contains 16th June 2019 then it will give output else it will give no source data rows.


How about outputting all dates( data rows) which are less than 10 days


I got it. Thanks much for your help

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