Filter dates older than a particular date

How do i filter dates older than 2017-12-01(YYYY-MM-DD)?

My Assign Activity Should looks like

out_dtWIList(DataTable) = WIList.Select (“Date<‘2017-12-01’”).CopyToDataTable()

Plz correct the above one.

@PrabhuViswa WIList.Select (“[Date]<‘2017-12-01’”).CopyToDataTable try like this buddy.

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And also another two conditions I want to apply here it is
WIList.Select (“[Date]<‘2017-12-01’ AND Status=‘Open’ AND Description=’ Verify Account Positions’”).CopyToDataTable

But when I run it the following error occurs “The source contain no DataRows.”

@PrabhuViswa does WIList is of datatable type right.if yes try with the first date condition only to check whether it is working or not.

Yea brother it works fine for date condition alone.

@PrabhuViswa check the naming of Status=‘Open’ AND Description=’ Verify Account Positions does the names which you have given here are same or not which are present in datatable and one more thing plz check any spaces are there for names Status and Description in datatable.

Brother now its working fine,before I mispelled the Description value.

@PrabhuViswa that’s great buddy,plz mark it as solution so that it would be helpful to others also.

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