Datatable extract from browser in excel

Dear Community,

Currently i use data scraping tool to extract result for each invoice in the web browser. I would like to ask if there are any way that i can make the workflow so the result can be as follow:
Current Result

Desired Result

Many thanks in advance

Hi @SH_94

Can you please the below steps?

Step 1: From the existing data table, take the value for Document No and Attachment Found in Dictionary.
Dictionary (Of String, Integer) to store values like AA:6 and BB:4

Step 2: Build new Data Table with same structure of existing one

Step 3: iterate through the source(existing) data table and look for ‘Document No’ column values, Ex: if its AA, take the Attachment Found value (6) and create 6 new rows in newly build data table and iterate the source data table 6 time to get the Status,Attachment Name, File Desc values. Same way if its AA, iterate 4 times.

Step 4: Continue these till we get empty value in Document No column.

Hope this will be helpful. Thank you.

Hi @Jobin_Joy ,

Do you mind to share the screenshot of the worklfow for me easier to interpret?

Sorry that i not really sure how to do it.

Many thanks in advance