Datatable becomes null while passing to Invoke activity

I use “build data table” and “add row” to it.
Then I pass it to Invoke Workflow.
But as soon as the entering Invoked Workflow - the data table becomes NULL.
I tried to mark isolated - doesn’t help.

Did anyone experience it?


I did a sample invoke and build table, for me it is working fine

Can you share your flow, so that we can check


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Well, definitely there is something wrong in your XAML file.

Here what you can do to check it.

  1. Print your DT just before Invoke and see if you have data or now.
  2. Click on Import Argument and check argument type, it should be Datatable , In/Out … it should be IN and now is the value provide DT that you have created.
  3. n your invoke XAML make sure you have not initialized same dt.
  4. Try to print this DT again and see, what value you get.

Use Break and Debug… One thing for sure. This is issue with code.

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setting breakpoint / debuging is the first step for analysis
also do following steps:

  • check the variable scope and ensure that it is wide enough defined
  • check on inving xaml and xaml which gets invoked:
    • argument and variable names. there should not be an argument and a variable with the same name

I managed to solve it by putting activities out form Invoke workflow.
Nothing helped except that. I suppose it might be because of invoke was inside of multiple loops.
You can close or remove this topic. Thank you.

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