DataTable becomes null after passing it as an input parameter to Invoke Workflow

Hi all,

Sometimes, the datatable becomes null when it is passed as an input param to the Invoke Workflow activity. I verified that it is not empty before parsing it in and it is not initialized in the activity itself.

Any ideas/suggestions/solutions will be highly appreciated.


Hi @Ostappa

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Can u share the screenshot of argument passing


Having the same issue. I have a workflow where I initialize datatable with a lot of columns and then pass it to sequence as input/output to be updated. Inside the sequence I add new row, but when debuging it seems that my columns does not exist in the datatable.

Hi @gendalfas

Is it possible to share your workflow.


No. Since I did not add any rows and adding rows was in the invoked sequence - datatable was nulled and all columns that I defined where removed. When adding empty row and then passing it to invoke workflow, datatable is not nulled and it is possible to update column information and store values.