Can't send DataTable to new page

Hello all,
I have a DataTable with some data, I want to import through invoke workflow to second page, but it can’t be done. What should I do?

Ma an in_argument that is of type DataTable

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Yes, but it didn’t work

Can you post the screenshots with this?

Maybe you didn’t match the type?

Do you have any exceptions or do you just have empty DataTable?

Thanks @srdjan.suc
There is no errors in the flow, can you please explain the how to do that?

You can use Output DataTable activity to transfer DataTable to a String, and then print out the string to check what data was in the DataTable

@srdjan.suc, Already done.

But I want to import that data to new page through the invoke workflow file activity.
In that page I also make a DataTable and in that invoke workflow I linked both variable and argument.


Please find the working hope this what you want,
Input.xaml (6.1 KB)
output.xaml (4.2 KB)

here db Datatable from Input XAML is sent to output XAML through ipdb Datatable
If any queries kindly get back.

Suresh J

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Thanks @sureshj
It worked perfectly fine.

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